Burger and Lobster… And maybe some chips.

Burger shoppe.
An interesting Burger shoppe.
Is is best choice for couple .Who wants to pass their time properly.

Judgemental Foodies

Name: Burger and Lobster

Address:  They’ve got 4 locations. We went to their Soho branch at 36 Dean street, Soho London W1D 4PS

Reservations: They are taking reservations for tables of 6 to 10 people on +44 20 7432 4800 or soho@burgerandlobster.com. Otherwise, you either go early or stand in line for at least 45 minutes (worth every minute).

So, we’ve been hearing of this Burger and Lobster thing ever since we moved here. I always thought it was going to be one of those overrated experiences everyone keep yapping about just because it is bizarre (Yeah, bizarre! I mean, Burgers AND Lobsters? seriously.) So the visit kept being postponed yet always in the backs of our heads just so that we would one day bust this myth a la Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine gang until one day we run out of excuses and actually go.

We have…

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