Fresh Strawberry Pie

Rice cake
It is very known food for every Bangladeshi but it is new for others.Actually this test is very very fine.

The Wonderfully Ordinary Life of Mrs. H and her Family

Strawberry season is upon us! Last week, the kids and I picked up 16 quarts of these beauties.


Despite the bellyache I got while freezing them (one for the freezer, one for me, two for the freezer, two for me…), I still had strawberry pie on my mind. I saved a few quarts back, and checked with Mr. H to see if strawberry pie would be an acceptable birthday dessert for him. Thankfully, he agreed. And although I would always go for chocolate cake over pie, I do have a weakness for this strawberry pie recipe from my mom. Plus, it was his birthday, and he likes pie best. I’m thoughtful like that.

So to this wonderful pie…The “Fresh” in Fresh Strawberry Pie  makes me think a little of the “Fresh” in Fresh Eggs. Whenever I drive by a farm and see that word before eggs on…

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