Goodies From Australia!

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Check Your Premises

My friend and fellow blogger, Inga, has sent me a package full of goodies from Australia! When I made that hot chili oil recently, she asked if I’d send her some, surely not thinking I’d take her seriously. HA! I’ll see your chili oil, and raise you a jar of peach preserves! It took about two weeks for it to get there. I wonder if she has any taste buds left or if they’ve all been fried off.

Then, in exchange, Inga sent me a package full of Aussie goodies. FAR more stuff than I sent her. Now I feel totally guilty. I’m gonna have to send another package sometime when she doesn’t expect it. (shhh, don’t say anything)

We have two packages of Tim Tams, which have a traditional and ridiculous method for eating, otherwise known as the “Tim Tam Slam.” Can’t wait to try…

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