Kicking Off Wine Bar Week with Wine Kitchen

A fresh wine bar.
We are providing fresh wine.
I think this is the best choice to coming this bar for enjoying yourself.


This is Wine Bar Week here at BarFlySF where we will be featuring posts on places that offer small plates and Bistro-type gourmet food. In other words, wine bars that offer more than the typical fare of olives, nuts, charcuterie, cheese plates and the occasional paninis/sandwiches. Most wine bars do not have fully stocked kitchens which accounts for the limited menus often served, but there are a few places here in the City that offer great food meant to accompany the wines they have carefully selected. We are differentiating these type of places from restaurants that serve wines by the glass: wine bars usually offer a relaxed lounge-type atmosphere that allows lingering over a glass or bottle of wine. Wines taste better when accompanied by food, and the better the food, the better the experience.

Wine Kitchen was opened about six months ago by Owner-Chefs Greg Faucette and Jason Limburg…

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