This Cookie Crumbles – And Melts in Your Mouth

Walkers biscuit.
Sugar free biscuit .
This is best and perfect for patient who are very much injured .

old sage hands

There was an article from across the pond about a study on genetically modified (GM) foods that included horrifying photos of rats that got cancer tumors as a result. Not sure why we never saw the story over here but it only served to reaffirmed my resolve to continue avoiding these items and to encourage other people I care about to do the same.

But for those people who haven’t quite embraced a lifestyle that includes organic products, here’s an easy switch. Now I’m not an advocate for eating cookies everyday, as easy as it would be to do, but have to admit my weakness for shortbread and other biscuits alike.

walkersWalkers Organic Shortbread Fingers, $6.99, Loblaws. While this certainly isn’t a vegan or gluten-free snack, for those of us who occasionally indulge in a buttery treat, this traditional shortbread cookie is definitely splurge worthy. They would…

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