24 Books in 24 Months (by 24 South African Authors): Writer Wednesday!

This book is provide you many kinds of animal history .you know everything from this book.

MarLa Sink Druzgal

Writer Wednesday is back…with a twist. Once per month I will tell you the latest book I’ve read by a South African author.

I decided one way I can easily honor living in South Africa for the next couple years is to read at least one book per month by a different South African author and share my thoughts on it with you. I already know I will be repeating some authors who have multiple books on my list, but I want each month to include a new author.

June’s author is Kobie Krüger, and the book I read was All Things Wild and Wonderful. I chose this because on our recent game drive in Pilanesberg, a lady named Nadia told me about it.

We are preparing our first trip to Kruger National Park this year, and the book is written by a game ranger’s wife. It reads…

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