BBQ Andy’s–BBQ for Me and You

Italian dish
I hope your dish will very testy . It contain large number of fats.


BBQ Andy’s
Karen Drive (just off Dayton Pike)
Soddy Daisy

Highs: Yummy BBQ!!!

Lows: Are there any?

Verdict: Best BBQ in Soddy Daisy (and surrounding area-I might add!)

When Bart asked me to be a guest reviewer for this lovely food blog, I was thrilled (though I must admit a little nervous). I have never written anything for the general public to read…save a few hundred Facebook posts a couple of years back. So…please humor me!!! Here we go…

BBQ Andy’s is in a small strip mall at the south end of Soddy Daisy. Andy has a few tables inside in which you can sit and enjoy his wonderful BBQ. I must admit, I have never stayed to eat in the restaurant. I always carry his BBQ home.

I have purchased this yummy, pork BBQ at least a dozen times since I discovered Andy’s. I usually take it home and make…

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