Health: Think Skin

Soft juice
I am sure if you drink this juice you must change yourself.


Healthy-Eating2I’ve notice recently that my skin has started to age. This is something that I’m keen to combat and the best way to do this is eating nutrient rich food.

Our skin sheds and regenerates every 30 days. This means that a bad diet will reduce skin regeneration and increase cell damage which is the cause of premature ageing. It’s high time that we all started nourishing our skin from the inside.

Sugar is the worst thing for your skin as it disrupts blood sugar levels which can inflame skin and cause acne, wrinkles and ageing!! It’s best to avoid the sugars in white bread, cakes and sweets, and replace them with vitamin pack vegetables. Sweet potato is great as it is rich in skin friendly nutrients like beta-carotene. When it comes to fruit opt for apples, red grapes and berries for skin boosting nutrients.

Obviously oily fish and coconut…

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