Nhu Lan Vietnamese Bakery, 152 Victoria St, Richmond

So ya-my!
You cannot believe with out eating,its so yamy

Swimming In Coffee


You would be mistaken to head to Richmond in Melbourne and expect it to be anything like the leafy family friendly suburb in London. Instead anticipate dodging the heroine addicts and junkies curled up shaking and vomiting in the streets. Before you’re completely put off, it’s a bit cool and has good cheap Vietnamese food. Nhu Lan sells delicious $4 banh mi. At this price I really didn’t expect much but actually it was better than lots of $10 sandwiches I’ve bought in overpriced cafes. My crisp bread roll was packed with sweet chewy tofu, fresh coriander, cucumber and crispy shallotsl. Ask them not to include the strange looking butter and to go easy on the chillis, an encounter with one tiny slice is enough to heat up the whole sandwich. There’s also an amazing Asian supermarket just opposite where you can buy everything from tapioca pearls to five litre…

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