oatmeal lace

So delicious!
This is so delicious that can give you a awesome felling

food is everything.

oatmeal-lace (Medium)

(I take no credit for the photo, I was too excited about eating them to take a picture!)
My love affair with this tiny little dessert began soon after my co-worker shared them with me. Although her recipe differs from the one I now use, the taste, texture and love has not been compromised.

I love baking. Nothing makes more sense to me than 4 sticks of butter combined with 2 cups of sugar. Growing up, my dad always told me I was going to be the size of a whale…Luckily, I’ve managed to keep the blubber off. If my recipes start getting super healthy, or I stop blogging about food entirely, I’m probably either dead, or running on a treadmill. Same thing, really.

Some days, I require less sugar than others. I lied. There’s usually a designated week that my body requires 2 tons of sugar and 8 trips…

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