Rhodes & Lindos – Medieval Marvel

Fresh city
I means that this is a fresh town where you passing your time freely .I think you like most.

The Vintage Postcard

184038_10100338565664071_3444811_nRhodes is one of the most beautiful and popular Greek Islands. Its medieval castles, amazing sea views and pristine clean beaches make it a fantastic place to chill out. I had a great morning exploring Rhodes. It really looked like “A Knight’s Tale” because of how medieval it is: dungeon doors, torches on the walls, castles, draw bridges, etc.

Close by is the town of Lindos, which should never be missed when in Rhodes. After walking up a very steep and long set of stairs (you could also ride a donkey up) there were incredible views. The old town itself is a maze of picturesque narrow streets with most of the small shops openly displaying unique clothes, jewelry, pottery, and custom made sandals.

Unfortunately, after the lunch buffet on the ship, I was down and out for the night due to food poisoning. It wasn’t the greatest timing (I don’t…

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